Please find below a small selection of comments made by some of my previous clients:

Commercial Client

Mrs Elliott effectively and objectively examined a number of questioned handwriting samples and documents, her reports contributed towards my client achieving a far better result in his case than was originally hoped.

The information was presented in a user-friendly format and Mrs Elliott's opinions were given on the basis of her examinations.

Mrs Elliott met all my requests and delivered work on time, meeting schedules in a friendly and business like manner.

I am pleased to recommend her work to other interested parties."

Private Client

"Please accept my untold thanks for all the help in my recent divorce. Your impartial analysis of all the documents proving that my signature and relevant handwritten documents had not been from my hand was very important in settlement.

Your skilled analysis was made even harder as the original documents were unavailable and you only had photocopies to go by. The main thing that will stick with me was your concern about not compromising your credibility or integrity and your insistence on your duty to the court.

Once again, thank you and all the best to you and your family for the future."

Private Client

"I am writing to express my thanks for all the hard work you put in on my employment tribunal case.

I feel that your evidence and the manner in which you conducted yourself on the stand completely sealed my case. Although the bench were swayed towards me throughout the trial as they could clearly see that I had been treated unfairly, it was your evidence that gave them something 'concrete' to show that this had truly been the case.

I wish you all the very best in the future Jean, with whatever work comes your way. You will make a brilliant expert witness. Anyone with a sound case to be heard will be lucky to have you there with them.

Reed Hayes, CDE

This letter certifies that Ms. Jean Elliott has successfully completed the Training Course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination with an overall grade average of 98.5%, a letter grade of A+.

Ms. Elliott has shown herself to be exceptionally detail-minded in her examinations of questioned handwriting and documents and rendering opinions based on those examinations.

I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking assistance with questioned handwriting or document matters.