Understanding through Graphology

  • I am a qualified Graphologist and a graduate member of the British Institute of Graphologists qualifying in 1993.
  • It is because each person’s script is unique that it is a valuable source of information in the assessment of personality and character.
  • To understand people the graphologist studies all the features seen in the handwriting, and to build up a complete picture, a lot of detailed information is required.
  • Every dominant feature, or those that occur all the time such as size, slant, pressure is evaluated. It is these factors that form the basis of analysis. Additional information is gathered from the use of space, the connective stroke and the individual’s rhythm and style. All the carefully recorded measurements and data will then be interpreted with a wide range of psychological and physiological states.
  • The skill of the Graphologist is in capturing the complexities of the human personality by a combination of scientific recordings and well researched interpretations based on observation.

Areas of Work include:

  • Recruitment
  • Exhibitions
  • Personal
  • Researching your Family Tree
  • After Dinner Talks
  • Media Interviews
  • Workshops


The validity of Graphology as a Management Tool

Those who employ staff may like to consider the benefits of Graphological Analysis.

Commercial and Vocational Analyses
The validity of Graphology as a Management tool
How this is used in the Workplace
How the analyst works
Behavioural profiling
Team Building
Stress Management


Working as an attraction to a variety of Trade Stands, in Harrogate, Bangor, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham Jean can quickly analyse handwriting to give a snap shot of the individual’s ‘Character and Personality,’
At a recent Exhibition, the Trade Stand was given an award for being the most popular attraction.


A workshop can be either a half or a full day and will take the student on a voyage of self discovery, opening the mind to the depths of the real personality. Jean Elliott is a qualified teacher and has taught both privately and at public classes.

After Dinner Talks

The objective is to inform and entertain - definitely not boring!

1 Your personality and character as seen through your Handwriting.
2 Famous Faces behind the Mask (Looking at the famous and infamous such as Murderers, MPs, Royalty and Show Business.

Jean is a very experienced and well known local speaker and her talks are interactive.

Personal Analysis

What makes you tick? Character assessment for the individual, exploring your personality, character, social attitudes, intelligence, working qualities, and interests.

Family Tree

Are you researching your family tree?
A graphological analysis can give insight into the character and personality, from letters maybe written during the two World Wars. Gather more information about your forebears.

Media Interviews

Jean is well known on Radio Sheffield – interviewed on Graphology. It has been said on each occasion how entertaining and slick was the repartee and presentation.