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We depend on documents. Their use is widespread in providing information as a record or evidence. Agreements, ownership, identifications, validation of qualifications all feature in our financial transactions on business or social levels. A questioned document may be genuine or fraudulent. Document Examiners have specialised in the study/ investigation of such material, in order to provide a satisfactory answer.


  • I am fully qualified as a handwriting expert, since 1993 and a trained document examiner since 2005.
  • I can provide an expert opinion on disputed signatures, wills, contracts, anonymous letters, and graffiti, with either a short or in-depth report.

My work involves the analysis of any handwritten material, in order to:-
a identify the writer,
b detection of forgery,
c proving/disproving authenticity.

More importantly, I offer a sympathetic ear to your problem and offer practical help and sound advice.

The analysis of Anonymous Letters is a speciality and I have presented a paper to the British Institute of Graphology. To receive such mail is always a great shock, and my aim is to treat the problem with sympathy and understanding. Often the culprit is well known to the recipient. Advice and a personality break down of the perpetrator, helps to heal and understand why it has happened.

I have a good track record in identifying the person responsible and the service has been used successfully by both industry and the private individual.

On production of the evidence, many of my clients have been able to resolve their dispute out of court, with a satisfactory settlement.

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